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Hello and welcome! I’m Rachel Baker.

Coach | Bodyworker

In this moment, I am being called to help people step fully into their potential and help them become the best versions of themselves in this lifetime. I have been called to this because I would love to live in a world full of passion and flow. I would love to see a world full of people doing what they love to do and feeling great while they do it.

I am a coach! I am here to listen to where you are now and where you would like to be in the future. I support you on your journey through various methods of uncovering underlying issues that may be obstacles or challenges for you. In this discovery period, you learn a lot about yourself and learn different ways to support yourself. I give you tools and exercises that you can use everyday to support yourself. All you need is commitment to daily practices.

I am a bodyworker. With my training in ART, sports massage, and various other modalities, I address issues with joint mobility, circulation, and overall function of your systems. We are a system, not just a calf muscle. I may find an adhesion in a calf muscle caused by a functional issue in the hip and this could be related to a multitude of other things. It is our job to stay curious and co-create a plan to address the body as a whole.

I was a competitive athlete in triathlon and ultramarathon. I understand what it takes to podium over and over again. I understand the challenges that endurance athletes face when they have goals and a family or a business. I know the upsides and the pit falls. I help athletes design plans that work for them. I help you co-create rather than tell you what to do. These co-created plans tend to work much better as the athlete typically KNOWS what they have to do, they just need some nudging or a go ahead.

Let me help support you on your path towards your goals!

BS in Athletic Training and Exercise Sciences

Licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach CHEK Institute

Certified Massage Therapist with ART specialty

Certified Mystical Coach Of Oneness

Nosara Yoga Institute Instructor Certified

Dr. Happiness: Acquire strategies for clarifying your dreams and keeping YOU motivated

Dr. Quiet: Experience daily work-in exercises that are easy to do and very repeatable

Dr. Movement: Apply work-out and Work-In™ principles to determine what is appropriate for you and your interests

Dr. Diet: Deepen your understanding of holistic nutrition and the necessary skills needed to help you achieve optimum health

Holistic Healing Sessions

CHEK HLC Level 3 is an advanced training system designed to improve and refine our assessment and management of challenges we all face. In these sessions, I look at how human energy systems are resourced, recognize imprints from childhood development and how they are affecting the mind~body connection. I also become familiar with bioenergy and psychospiritual influences to help clients restore optimal health. I teach you how to stop treating symptoms and start looking for root causes.

With this method, we can treat chronic pain, depression, anxiety, weight issues, sports injury recovery, and performance very differently.

I incorporate this training with my previous and current studies to help clients move through various stages of their healing process. It is here that we start to see the more psychoenergetic associations in order to support them at a much deeper level than traditional coaching or therapies.

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As as child, you ran and you played.

You did not have to have a reason for it,

you just did it.

Listening to your body and taking care of yourself helps you stay in the energy of free movement without fear of injury and illness.


My bodywork sessions are 60 and 90 minutes long and address not only the symptoms, but the potential underlying cause. I use various modalities to support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies in their healing process. Most female clients wear shorts and a bra top. Most male clients wear shorts. This type of work can be active and passive, moving or fully relaxed. Every session is a combination of both. We go with the flow and see what needs to be addressed.

My education started with a B.S. in athletic training and exercise sciences from Indiana State University. I graduated with honors in 1998 and very shortly started my bodywork education at IPSB in San Diego graduating in 2001. In 2005, I trained with Dr. Leahy and his team in Active Release Techniques. In 2010, I started my HLC training with the CHEK institute and am now a Licensed CHEK practitioner level 3. I started my Mystical Coach of Oneness training in 2022 and I am still a student of this work with MSU of San Diego.


Group Coaching: The Power Within

The Power Within teaches the art of self-awareness of mental, emotional, behavioral, & inner child programs while being guided through self-realization. With continued practice and application in everyday life, this course has the capacity to change every aspect of the way life is lived.

12 weeks of Zoom Coaching Calls with 2 certified coaches who have done this work extensively. A workbook with weekly homework assignments. The deepest dive into your STUFF, your shadow self, and learning how to HEAL once and for all.

Learn energetic healing. Learn how to navigate anxiety and depression in a very different way.



What My

Clients Are Saying

Absolutely love the safety, the non judgmental loving space that Rachel creates in her sessions. Especially love her no-bullshit approach and attention to the most subtlest details. Forever grateful for you, thank you!


Rachel guided me through a beautiful session to see and feel the parts of me that were deeply hidden in my psyche. She helped me to get out of my crazy mind and connect with my heart & tears started pouring out. What she does that's different from any other coach I've ever worked with was that she didn't just sit there & say nice words to me, she guided me into feeling the deep pain within me and helped me to learn how to love this aspect of me fully, to spend time with the little child that was yearning for my attention and love. Rachel's gift is the ability to feel what I refuse to feel, she doesn't tell me, she gives me the space to discover it on my own. My time with her was a game changer, anyone that has the honor of working with her will be forever changed.

Ellie Lee

"Ever since I started working with Rachel, I've not only have got a lot better from my hip flexors and shoulder issues, but I have become so much stronger, flexible and confident all throughout my body and how I can perform with it while surfing, SUP surfing, slacklining, and any other possible way. I came about a year ago because I felt so weak and stiff, and could feel confident and secure to sit down and type on my computer or even drive for longer periods than 30mins... I was so frustrated from this I needed professional assistance immediately... my hips were destroying me and it was becoming worst and worst each day... I heard about Rachel from a friend, and so I would give it a try and have her work on my hip flexor problems... since then, I have learned so much about self healing, to hear my own body speaking to me, to forgive past situations keeping me down without knowing, and just to take care of me generally. Now that I have gain my self confidence back, I definitely recommend her as a really professional therapist, guide, trainer, and even a friend now! Thanks Rachel!"

Gerardo Bolanos

Working with Rachel has changed my life! I love to work out and push myself hard, but my back and knee were always bothering me. After some focused bodywork, she taught me some basic foundational movements that I seem to have forgotten. I now feel strong, more mobile and pain-free. I am feeling so good that Rachel is now designing a training program to prepare me for my first triathlon!

Matt V.

I feel privileged to have had numerous one on one sessions with Rachel in the last year. She has a beautiful capacity to create a safe + nonjudgemental space to dive deep into programs, patterns + wounds while at the same time having a keen ability to tell it like it is. Rachel takes no bullshit + will guide you directly into the stuff keeping you stuck. She is able to connect into energies in one’s own blind spots + delicately opens a spaciousness to allow the client to discover these places in themselves. This is how we truly heal all parts of ourselves! Thank you Rachel, you are amazing

Christie C-

have been in chronic pain for many years. Rachel was able to teach me foundational movement exercises that reminded my body of it's inherent wisdom so that it could move in a more efficient and functional way. I have the tools now to move my body forward. Rachel is truly a world class expert. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable, patient and passionate about her work. We also had her work with our two children who are active in sports in order to make sure that they were moving functionally and preventing future injury. They loved her as well.

Thank you Rachel!

Melanie LCSW

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I have always been drawn toward the human experience and movement.

I started running as a sport when I was 13 years old, became a Team USA amateur in triathlon, and fell in love with ultramarathon shortly thereafter.

This journey has taught me about self-care, listening to my body, understanding pain, and trusting the body over the mind as it related to achieving hard tasks.

I no longer race, but use my years of experience to guide and support.

I love it when my athletes are informed and self reliant. That is why much of my work is focused on educating my clients while supporting their healing.

I found out pretty early on that competing at higher levels was not a passive process. I had to do the work. But, I also had to learn about rest, recovery, intuition, and blocking out the mind when it wanted to mess with me during training sessions and events.

A client once asked me if I thought she could finish an Ironman. I asked her if she thought she could and told her that the only one who needs to believe she could, was her.

It’s not to say that you can be anything you want in this world, it just means that you must support yourself before asking anyone else to do it for you.